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About us

Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy intends to link ties between the values and culture of the Canary archipelago in Spain and Southeast Asia. This strategic union not only unites cultures but the growing demand for foreign trade between both areas of the world. Based on Malaysia as a strategic base, Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy aims to bring three differentiated market lines to all of Southeast Asia between countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia. Our work comprises three different points: the distribution of medical products related to Ophthalmology, top-level Canary products; and, finally, an advisory service for European investors who are interested in entering the Asian market.

This project has as its founders a native to Gran Canaria, Dr. Vicente Rodríguez, Ophthalmologist and shareholder of  Vithas Eurocanarias Instituto Oftalmológico, and Jai Bakhtani, Penang’s original entrepreneur in Malaysia, but a great connoisseur of the Canary Islands reality, since he lived in Gran Canaria for over 20 years. Both, jointly launch this business project based in George Town, capital of Penang Island. George Town is the cosmopolitan capital of the Malaysian island of Penang where once was the commercial nerve center of the Strait of Malacca. The city stands out for its British colonial buildings, its mosques, its Buddhist and Hindu temples that together with Christians coexist in harmony, and their Chinese shops. Beyond the old town, George Town is a modern city with skyscrapers and shopping centres on Penang Island, Malaysia.



The Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy office in the centre of the city of George Town, the second most important city in Malaysia in terms of commerce.

Address: 18-33-C, Gurney Tower, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang

Opening hours: 9 AM / 15 PM

Telephone: +6017 540 3185 WhatsApp: +346 498 10666




Contact Information


+6017 540 3185


+346 498 10666

vicen.rh@gmail.com jeebux1@gmail.com


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