On October 8th, Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy had the opportunity to go to the city of George Town, the base of its headquarters in Southeast Asia, to present its range of Canary products.

This market line was presented at the Oriental hotel in downtown George Town where it had a great reception. The range of high level Canary products that from Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy we want to introduce into Malaysia; is wide and varied.

Within the food line we have products such as chocolates, coffee and other edible products like candies. All of them officially distributed by a well-known local brand in the Canary archipelago: Tirma.

With regards to the field of beverages, we want to introduce the most select products that can be offered within local beverages. Thus, we have outstanding brands as Viña Norte and Arehucas. Each of them represents a particular type of beverage of great success in its demand and consumption both locally and nationally in Spain. Viña Norte offers from the Insular Wineries of Tenerife a wine of local production and high quality. For its part, Arehucas offers the best known and consumed rum in the Canary Islands.

Finally, at Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy we present a unique product in the world for its exclusive quality, the Canary Islands: Aloe Vera. This native product of the islands provides numerous benefits to the body and, therefore, can be consumed in various forms. In this way, there are aloe vera products to ingest as a juice preparations of this medicinal plant.

However, its most widespread and popular use is topical or cutaneous use. Therefore, the consumption of creams, oils, gels and ointments to apply to all parts of the body is the most demanded. From Canary Malaysia Business Consultancy we want to offer the full range of high-quality Aloe Vera products by a prestigious brand like Aloveria, original from the island of Gran Canaria.

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